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Serving Liberty, Kearney, and the Northland

Remember to keep our telephone number handy for the next time the unexpected happens. With L-L Towing Co. on your speed dial, you will be prepared for those awful moments when you’re stranded with your keys in the ignition and an empty tank of gas. When you call us, you receive the kind of prompt, reliable towing services that other businesses can only dream of providing.

Make sure to contact us if you have any additional questions. Let L-L Towing Co. get you back on the road, safely, swiftly and securely!

​L-L Towing Co.

Jay Lemons, Owner

1095 Brown Street
Liberty, MO 64069
(816) 781-8373 • Fax (816) 415-8373

Tow Lot
1095 Brown Street

Liberty, MO 64069

(816) 781-8373

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    We are open 24/7